K B Aren, LLC, specializes in marketing and publicizing authors' works for today's readers. Our publicists will help you expose your work through digital, broadcast and print media.  

       The company was founded by Betsy S. Lee who received First Place, the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Awardfrom the Florida Writers Association, as well as a Tribute from the Florida House of Representatives. She has authored newspaper articles, anthropomorphic stories, a play, and educational activity books. Betsy has been a guest on various television and radio shows. 

       Her husband, K. Ross Lee, a noted authority on the First Spanish Period of Florida (1565-1763), was certified by the United States Department of the Interior and has created commercials for radio and television.​ He has collaborated in writing exciting, fast-pacedhistorical novels about the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine.

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     Our Mission is to bring public awareness to authors who need professional  assistance in marketing at an affordable cost.
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